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  • Hi, my name is ShaRelle and I am the owner and photographer at ShaRelle Studios, I admittedly love to take selfies, I am married to a wonderfully sweet and super sexy man. I have two amazing dogs and have have always loved photographing people! I specialize in women's portraits, especially boudoir and glamour. Please select one of the links below to see some of our recent work!

Miss K came in for her session and just KILLED it!!! Her photos are so gorgeous and really helped her come out of her shell!

In her own words:

“I enjoyed the makeover. However,  my favorite part was after the photo shoot itself.  I’m not sure what happened to me, but I felt confident soon as I was in front of the camera.  I felt sexy and beautiful . A part of me came through in the photo shoot that I haven’t seen in a long time ! I got my confidence back !”

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If you were going to tell a friend about your experience what would you say? “I would tell her, ” girl you have to go to ShaRelle! She is fantastic I had such a great time, felt comfortable, and her photography is amazing . I didn’t care I was naked at all ! There was a time I almost forgot she was there. It was so much fun and extremely liberating . I even cried when I saw my slideshow cause I couldn’t believe that was me and how wonderful I looked.”Texarkana Boduoir Photographers 7Texarkana Boduoir Photographers 8Texarkana Boduoir Photographers 9Texarkana Boduoir Photographers 10Texarkana Boduoir Photographers 11

-Warning Post Does Contain Nudity

If she had come in with zero lingerie, that would have been just fine, the art of nudity is so amazing and I can’t wait to incorporate them more!!! atistic nude sheet shots 1atistic nude sheet shots 2atistic nude sheet shots 3atistic nude sheet shots 4atistic nude sheet shots 5atistic nude sheet shots 9atistic nude sheet shots 10atistic nude sheet shots 11atistic nude sheet shots 12atistic nude sheet shots 13atistic nude sheet shots 14atistic nude sheet shots 16atistic nude sheet shots 17atistic nude sheet shots 18If

I have decided to move locations, lots of reasons, main one being I was tired of shooting in the same place, I needed a new venue.  So I am happy to announce that I have a brand new location with a totally different feel, it’s more modern, with concrete flooring and less light, which gives the images more drama!  I was fortunate enough to have Miss R come in for a test shoot, we didn’t’ do a full makeover, I just needed someone to help me figure out the sweet spots in the studio and get all of my new studio jitters out.  I am so pleased with how they came out and I am looking forward to more sessions!

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