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  • Hi, my name is ShaRelle and I am the owner and photographer at ShaRelle Studios, I admittedly love to take selfies, I am married to a wonderfully sweet and super sexy man. I have two amazing dogs and have have always loved photographing people! I specialize in women's portraits, especially boudoir and glamour. Please select one of the links below to see some of our recent work!

Working with other local businesses and awesome creative people is one of my favorite things to do!!! This was an amazing project to work on and I was able to work with so many amazing people for this project!

Dress and Tux: Hers Bridal

Makeup: Alicia Adams

Models: Hannah Richard and Dakota Doss

Flowers: Everything Artsy Events

Cake: KaCee’s Sugar & Spice 

Be sure to check out the GORGEOUS magazine that The Minute Magazine put together!!!

Here is the link to view it online: https://issuu.com/theminutemagazine/docs/jan_feb_2017_the_minute_magazine_is

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Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 1Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 2Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 3Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 4Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 5Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 6Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 7Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 8Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 9Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 10Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 11Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 12Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 13Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 14Bridal inspiration shoot with The Minute Magazine and Hers Bridal 15

I have officially moved into another studio, this is technically my 4th, the first one was my home, so of course I had to find something else. Our first commercial space was in downtown Shreveport, and it had the “cool” factor, it was in a 120 year old brick building with exposed brick everywhere, which was part of the problem, there was too much brick and barely any natural light, so I shot with studio lighting for a year!  Well then we moved to a house looking studio in Highland and I loved shooting with natural light again and incorporating some studio lighting.  But the rooms were divided like a house and they were too small and it limilited what I could do. NOW we have the perfect combination of large open space and natural light!! It’s beautiful!

I have had about 18 sessions this last month, I know it seems like we are not busy since I have not been posting new sessions.  And there is a good reason for that,  I take clients privacy VERY seriously, I require a written model release to be signed before any photos are shared, and I suggest they speak to their significant others before signing.  However even with these Precautions set in place so many of our clients have found themselves in a situation where they need to take down the photos after they have been shared online.  I am happy to take down photos, but once it’s out in the internet world anyone can grab screen shots (I have disabled right click save on my site).

So this is what happens, let’s call this ficticious client “Zoe” (I tried to pick a name that I have never had as a client) Zoe comes in to do a session, she is blown away by how awesome the photos are and can’t believe how great she feels!!  Naturally she’s feeling confident and excited and is happy to share her photos on my website, part of her decision to share is because that’s how she chose to do a session with us, she loved the photos of the women she saw online. So I post the photos, nowhere do I include her personal name or info, but because Shreveport isn’t really that big, someone see’s them and recognizes her, they tell a mutual friend, maybe even in a kind way like, “Hey have you seen what Zoe did, wow she did some awesome photos for her husband and she looks amazing, you have got to go check it out! Maybe we should look into do this, I think YOUR husband would LOVE something like this!”  And then it goes from that person to another, to another until someone she NEVER thought would see them, does!  It could be someone at work, church or a family member.  Eithr way she is ashamed, embarassed and calls me apologyizing and asks if I will take them down.  Which I do, but of course the damage has already been done.

This doesn’t always happen of course and the clients who have let me post their photos have helped me grow my business sooooo much, I could not have grown without them giving me a signed model release, but it makes me so livid and heartbroken to get a call from my client when she is in tears because of something someone said or a reaction from a friend or family member.   So recently I have not asked any of clients for a model release for my website, (I have for in studio samples) if a client wants to share them online and they express that, then I am happy to share photos of anyone!

I love what I do, I am passionate about portraits and helping people feel good in their own skin and creating something that will pass down generations. (I know you didn’t think about your grandkids ending up with your boudoir album did you! HA!)

So to clarify we are very much still doing boudoir, but we have started doing more glamour, headshots, family, corporate work and food-never thought I would use my skills of boudoir photography with food, but dang, food is SEXY!!

That being said, I would love to do one shoot a month starting in January with a “model” someone who is completely OKAY with me sharing their photos, someone who under no circumstance would need to take down their photos from our website.  For this you will be gifted a $500 Gift Certificate to use towards the photos. I will work with this person to stylize the shoot and incorporate their ideas as well.  I need some glamour volunteers and fine art nudes (maternity, couple etc) as well.  If you are interested please email me sharelle@sharellestudios.com.  I am looking for women, men, of all ages, sizes, ethnicities.

Meanwhile enjoy this “Anonymous” post from a session in the new studio!

black and white artistic nudemoody-bouodir-photos-1







We get to know each of our clients, and that holds true for our seniors, we get to know them and find out how to photograph them in the most authentic way.  That is why out senior photo work is so diverse, more so than any of the other type of photography we do.  Desiree was a creative unique soul and didn’t fit the bright, sunny and smiling at the camera mold, we we did a more artistic and magazine like photoshoot with her.  She is very close to her mother, so it was only fitting to do a few of them together at the end of her session.  More and more of my clients are incorporating loved ones into this shoot and it becomes so much more than just a “senior session” it is really a chance for people to come together and realize how much they love their relationships.  Her mother was nice enough to talk about their experience and what these photos meant to her.

senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-1senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-2senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-3downtown Shreveport photos with a high school seniorsenior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-5senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-6senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-7senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-8important token in senior photographygorgeous senior portrait in downtown Shreveport by sapphire photography sharelle studiossenior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-11senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-12senior-photos-in-shreveport-high-fashion-13


Skylar came all the way from San Augustine Tx, about 1.5 hours from Shreveport to do her photos, she is an avid reader and wanted to capture that in her photos as well as her letterman jacket and her involvement in the FFA, she is one busy senior!