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Why You Have Not Seen Any New Boudoir Posts Lately | Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer

I have officially moved into another studio, this is technically my 4th, the first one was my home, so of course I had to find somethingView full post »

Valentines Day Love is Infinite | Vita Latina Magazine and ShaRelle Studios

Vita asked me to help her out with the February issue of her magazine Vita Latina.  When she told me what the story was about IView full post »

Your Hometown Show with ShaRelle Studios

A few weeks ago we were featured on a local show called Your Hometown Show on KSLA channel 12. I have to be totally honest, I wasView full post »

Health Tips for Women | ShaRelle Studios Boudoir

When I felt the best about my fitness I was meeting up with friends weekly to do runs together, even if we didn’t go at the same paceView full post »

Editorial Abandoned Building Boudoir Shoot | Louisiana Boudoir Photographers

This is the type of project that happens when you get the opportunity to have a slow week.  I had one entire week with no client bookings,View full post »

My Boudoir Shoot | ShaRelle Studios Boudoir | Happy Valentines Day

  In honor of Valentines Day I am going to share with all of you some photos of MYSELF! I decided to do some photos for myView full post »

My Very Own Backyard Wedding | ShaRelle & Miguel Gutierrez

As many of you know, I got married in October, and I just wanted to share a little bit of our intimate backyard wedding with you all.  IView full post »

Power of Posing

These images are of myself, taken by Miguel.  I just wanted to show you all how important posing is.  So much sliming can be done in cameraView full post »

Shreveport Boudoir Photographer|ShaRelle Studios|Practice What I Preach

I am a photographer, and this is my glamour shot This is probably the hardest blog post I have ever done, mostly because it’s all about me!View full post »

Shreveport Couples Boudoir Photographer|ShaRelle Studios Photography

We have not had our pictures done together in a year so I got my good friend Amanda to help us take some sensual couples boudoir styleView full post »

Never Over-Do-It When it Comes to Editing!

We believe in keeping the integrity of our clients and that means we don’t go overboard with our photoshop edits.  We use posingView full post »