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  • Hi, my name is ShaRelle and I am the owner and photographer at ShaRelle Studios, I admittedly love to take selfies, I am married to a wonderfully sweet and super sexy man. I have two amazing dogs and have have always loved photographing people! I specialize in women's portraits, especially boudoir and glamour. Please select one of the links below to see some of our recent work!

“My biggest fear was that I was going to be completely unhappy with how my photos would come out because I am so hard on myself. Instead, I was so happy with them that I bought double the amount of pictures I originally had in mind to buy!”

Miss J has a deployed husband and wanted to do something sexy for him, but she also wanted to do it for herself! Her images came out SUPER gorgeous!!

HMU by Kimmy Alvarez

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Miss M came in to do a session as a surprise anniversary gift! She wanted to incorporate some things he knew he would love so she brought in his cowboy boots, belt and hat! We don’t often photograph women with props, but I think they turned out great and I know he’s going to love those details!

Miss M had this to say about her shoot:

“I had a great time at my shoot. It was very personal. They took time with me. listened to my ideas and helped me get some very personal pictures. I was very nervous when I went and when I left I felt like a whole new person. I look at my pictures over and over and cant believe how beautiful and sexy they turned out. “

HMU by Kimmy Alvarez

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Miss T is getting married!! And as a bridal shower gift her sister gifted her a boudoir session!! I think that is such a great gift idea!  For anyone looking at bridal shower ideas I think Boudoir would be perfect! The bridal shower could even be boudoir themed and everyone can gift her lingerie and money towards her shoot! That is a gift that her and her future husband can enjoy FOREVER! 

HMU by Kimmy Alvarez

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