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  • Hi, my name is ShaRelle and I am the owner and photographer at ShaRelle Studios, I admittedly love to take selfies, I am married to a wonderfully sweet and super sexy man. I have two amazing dogs and have have always loved photographing people! I specialize in women's portraits, especially boudoir and glamour. Please select one of the links below to see some of our recent work!

Daniel is my cousin and he has been married to Dani for 10 years! To celebrate we did this amazing styled shoot with them in on of my favorite places ever! Blacksmith Fork Canyon in Hyrum Utah.  It is such a gorgeous place, I have a lot of beautiful memories camping and spending time with family there.

I don’t know very many wedding vendors in Utah, (since I am now in Shreveport, LA) so I planned out the entire thing myself.  I designed their outfits, I made my first ever bouquet and boutonnière with the help of my step mother Sherry. Allison, my sister helped with Dani’s hair, my dad let me borrow his table that was handmade by my great grandfather! I was sure to be extra careful with it! We found all of the plates, glasses and Daniel’s amazing blazer at a local thrift shop!

I absolutely loved the chemistry that these two displayed and I am just head over heels with how the entire shoot turned out!


We did have one AMAZING vendor come through however, Pigment and Parchment donated the gorgeous menus, invites and place cards! Go check her website out: http://pigmentandparchment.com/

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Miss A came in for her shoot and I could tell she was so nervous! She explained to me that after having her two children she had lost a lot of weight and could NOT gain any back!  She even told me she tried this absurd milk diet, where you drink a gallon of milk every day to try and gain some weight.  She was so worried that she was going to look too thin and un curvy in her photos.  But after she saw them she LOVED them and actually thought her long lean arms and legs looked great in the photos!  She was also concerned that she would look too young, she has a very young face and people often mistaken her for being 14 or 15! She didn’t want to just be “cute” in her photos, she wanted to be sexy and sultry!  At her reveal she kept saying, “Wow, I look HOT!”

She had this to say about her session,

“Y’all, ShaRelle Studios Photography did a phenomenal job. I NEVER feel hot. Usually, I feel cute or pretty because I think I look very young compared to my age. I felt so confident last Saturday and even more confident after seeing all my photos. She really helps you feel beautiful. Parts of me that I hate, she thought were gorgeous, and they actually did look great in the photos. I honestly can not rave about her enough. She gave me part of my self confidence back. It’s still a working progress but this experience has opened my eyes. Thank you so much ShaRelle  I will never forget how you made me feel and how you helped me love the skin I’m in again. Also, thank you Kimberly Alvarez for doing my hair and makeup and making me look gorgeous.  You ladies make magic.”

HMU by Kimmy Alvarez

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I love when I can get a few cute and silly photos, that really capture the client as they are! barksdale air force base boudoir 3barksdale air force base boudoir 4barksdale air force base boudoir 5barksdale air force base boudoir 6barksdale air force base boudoir 7barksdale air force base boudoir 8barksdale air force base boudoir 9barksdale air force base boudoir 10barksdale air force base boudoir 11barksdale air force base boudoir 12barksdale air force base boudoir 13barksdale air force base boudoir 14barksdale air force base boudoir 15barksdale air force base boudoir 16barksdale air force base boudoir 17barksdale air force base boudoir 18barksdale air force base boudoir 19barksdale air force base boudoir 20barksdale air force base boudoir 21barksdale air force base boudoir 22barksdale air force base boudoir 23barksdale air force base boudoir 24